The design Group offers help in thinking strategically about present and future needs, building consultation and design services to qualifying ministries across Greater Europe.


A standard fee of €300 is charged for these services.  If the ministry that is being helped wants help with building design, then it is asked to partner with us by supplying transportation costs for our staff for travel to and from the project site and providing room and board for an initial investigative trip.  One or two members of the EuroTeam staff travel to the project location to meet with representatives of the ministry and discuss the needs, goals, and desires.  A typical site visit last from four to five days.

While we know that some clients would like us to offer our design services without coming to the site, we ask that they understand that this is not possible.  It is essential in order to provide the best possible services that we see the site in person and this also gives us the ability to discuss design ideas in person while there.

These costs can be shared if there is another ministry site in the area that requests design Group services.

In addition, during the progress of the work, the ministry receiving assistance is asked to cover typical office expenses, such as office supplies used for the project, phone calls, faxes, photocopies, and other items related to the project.

All of our staff receive the funds to cover their office and living expenses from volunteer donors who contribute to these needs.  This is why we are not able to cover the cost of expenses related to the projects we work on.

Thinking strategically

It is important to look at built facilities both in terms of current needs and future needs, as well as the opportunities that these needs provide.  Our staff discusses your ministry and its facilities in depth and helps you determine the best course of action. Often the most obvious solution is not the best one and thinking of alternatives is difficult for the people who serve in the ministry every day.  Our experience with projects for Christian ministries throughout Greater Europe gives us insights into the best ways to proceed, in order to best meet your needs, both now and in the future.


The services that the design Group offers also include assistance in the selection and purchase of a building or land.  The suitability of land plays a large role in the future success of the activities that take place there and many factors must be examined.  The design Group can help with this.

Architectural design

Our staff has training and experience in the area of architectural design from both the United States and Europe and the design Group has worked with ministries in 16 countries.  The services provided include the design of new buildings as well as renovations and additions to existing buildings.  Working with the client team to achieve the best possible result is a major priority of the design Group.

Other building design professions

While other building design disciplines are not represented in the full-time design Group staff, we are able to call on experienced professionals in these areas who serve as voluntary assistants, donating their time and knowledge as needed.  The work of these outside consultants is coordinated by the design Group in order to simplify the process.  If a need arises that cannot be met at the time, the ministry being assisted can decide whether to wait until someone is available or else proceed with hiring a paid consultant.

Written agreement

For a complete description of what services the design Group offers and what we ask the ministries we help to do, please read the document that explains this.  You can download it here: Design Group and Ministry Agreement for Building Design ServicesDesign Group and Ministry Agreement for Building Design Services.

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