Frequently Asked Questions


What services does the design Group provide?

The design Group provides building design and related services, including architectural design, interior design, structural design, landscape design and mechanical design.  Architectural design services and coordination with the other services are provide by design Group staff and the other services are performed by outside volunteer professionals, as they are able.
In addition to design services, the design Group provides drawings and documents for government approvals and for construction.  The design Group staff also creates presentation drawings of design proposals, three dimensional models, and computer generated videos for use in fund-raising and approvals.

Do you only work on new buildings?

No, the design Group also does work related to additions and renovations of existing buildings.  In addition, we provide consultation services to assist in evaluating the purchase of land and/or buildings.

What is the cost of these services?

All of our services are provided with a standard fee of €300.  There are no additional fees after this.  We do, however, require that one or two members of our staff travel to see all new projects to determine whether we can take on the project and to meet with the persons responsible.  We ask that the ministry requesting our assistance cover the cost of the travel as well as food and lodging.
We also ask that the ministry pay expenses incurred during the work on the project, such as telephone calls, photocopies and postage, any additional travel to the project site, etc.

Does the design Group provide or raise funds for building projects?

No, we are not able to provide funds or take on the task of raising funds.  The design Group is a part of Greater Europe Mission, a faith-based organization, meaning that none of our staff receives a salary and that all our staff receive donations for living and office expenses.
The design Group can, however, prepare materials to be used for fund-raising, such as drawings, models, three-dimensional renderings, videos, etc.

What do I do to get help from the design Group?

Start by contacting the design Group staff and requesting an application for our services, which you can download from the page called “Do you need help” and send to the address given there.  Once this is received, a member of our staff will contact you to discuss the project and to arrange for the initial investigative trip.  The purpose of this trip is to see the project site, meet with the persons responsible and let them get to know our staff so both you and we are able to decide if we should move ahead together on the project.

Do you obtain the building permit?

Because our staff is not registered in every country we work in, we require the assistance of a local architect or engineer to take the project through the building permit process, where a building permit is required.  This person reviews the project to ensure that all building regulations are met, arranges for translation of the drawings into the local language, and obtains the building permit.  If the services of a local architect or engineer are required, the ministry being helped is responsible for any costs associated with this.

Do you supervise the construction?

Our design staff cannot be at the project site during the whole time construction takes place, but we can visit the project site occasionally when needed.  The cost of these visits must be covered by the ministry being helped.
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