Strategic Design Solutions for His Kingdom in Europe

The design Group offers building design services to qualifying ministries. These ministries have included churches, private Christian schools, Bible schools, camps, conference centers and administrative centers. Other ministry types would include evangelical services to build the Body of Christ throughout Europe.


Together we think strategically about your needs and the possible options for meeting those needs. We help you think long-term about your needs and aid you in looking at all the alternatives that are available.  In addition, we design based on this long-term thinking, developing a “Master Plan” for what will be needed into the future and which can be built in phases, according to the needs at each point in time.


We design new buildings, renovations and additions to existing buildings, and help you see how best to use the facilities you have.  From the preliminary through to the final design, we work with you to come up with the best possible solution to your needs.  Our goal is to free up Christian workers to do the ministry they’re called to do so it isn’t hindered by their having to deal with a building project.


In all stages of the design process, we present the design in the necessary format.  In addition to plans and other drawings to assist in understanding the design, we also create presentations that can be used in communicating the design to stakeholders and possible financial donors.  If necessary, we also produce final drawings for use in obtaining approvals from local authorities (planning permission, building permits, etc)

Design services include:

Architectural consultation and design

Engineering consutlation and design

Site planning

Interior design

Landscape design